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So, what do you do when your tween comes home asking to take piano lessons and you do not own a piano? You may be tempted to spend hundreds of dollars on a piano, but what happens if you do not have the space, or if you are not sure whether or not your tween will stick to the lessons? Your answer is an electronic piano keyboard. You can often find great deals on these keyboards and they are the perfect answer for the beginner, aside from a good NYC piano teacher. Here are some tips to help you find the right keyboard for your tween.

Casio keyboard

Know What You are Buying

Before you start to shop for an electronic keyboard, you will want to make sure that you know what you are buying. The first thing is that even an expensive keyboard is not going to give you quite the same feel or sound as a real piano. However, with that said, these can be perfect options for beginners. A portable keyboard may suit your tween quite well if he or she wants to take it to another location for lessons or for hanging out with friends. The next thing you should know is that while you can find cheap keyboards, they are often just that'cheap. You will get an inferior sound compared with a better keyboard. Keep that in mind as you shop. Also check out not only for the piano keys, but also for the silicone buttons above it. Press it if it is made from high quality silicone rubber keypads that are known for durability.

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Pay Attention to the Sound and Feel

The next thing you will want to do as you shop for an electronic keyboard for your tween is to pay close attention to the sound and the feel of the keys. You should find one that has at least 61 keys. However, 88 keys, just like a real piano, is often the best choice. A keyboard with fewer than 61 keys is not worth your money if your child is serious about learning to play. Next, when you press the keys, does it have the right amount of sensitivity? Can you play the keys softly or loudly as you would with a real piano? This is an important consideration.

How do the speakers sound? This is just as important. If you buy a keyboard with poor speakers, then the whole sounds is affected. Also, do not get dazed by all the "extras" that a keyboard may offer when playing classical country songs. For all practical purposes, you are probably buying a keyboard for a beginner, and your tween needs to learn how to play the keys, not how to make extra sounds and noises.

Look at the Extras

While you may not be interested in buying extras now, you might want to consider getting a keyboard that will allow you to add on later. You may want a foot pedal, additional speakers, or even a stand. Look for keyboard models that will grow with your child.

There are many great electronic keyboards that you can buy for your tween. When you want to find the best electronic keyboard for your tween, consider these tips in order to keep your child interested in playing and to ensure you get the right keyboard.

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